Explore The Beauty And Tranquility Of The Sahara!

For people who admire the rustic feel and enriched history, Sahara is a match made in heaven. The peace and serenity this place offers are unparalleled. If you wish to clamber the dunes, dance around the campfires or meditate under the sky, Sahara Desert offers tranquility that you get nowhere else. Some people often never visit this place considering it to be boring and bare. The Sahara is anything but barren. With high dunes, changing landscapes, wells, and dry oases, tourist feels like they have entered a whole new world full of richness and heritage.

For people who have had enough of the city hustle bustle, this city can help you rejuvenate without a lot of social intervention. Since you barely get any signals, you will get free from the phone addiction and pay more attention to the surroundings. The majestic dunes appear as frozen ocean waves, casting a shadow in day and night. Tiny ants, camels, mice, and beetles leave their tracks in the sand allowing you to trace your camp in case you are lost. Watching the sunset over the distant mountains, Sahara is a place where you forget life’s issues and soak in the culture. As the night rolls, you will see more stars in the sky than you have ever seen before. The Sahara offers an insight into the nomadic way of life, helping your horizon grow and learn new culture and family values that the inhabitants of this place hold.

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Visa Requirements

Visa in not needed for EU citizens. Everyone else need a visa.

Languages spoken


Currency used


Area (km2)

470,000 km2