South America


A South American Gem You Won’t Regret Going To!

While every country has something unique to offer, Peru tops the list with its magnificent beauty and charm. The place is enriched with natural beauty and cultural heritage that fascinates people. Peru is home to an incredible amount of interesting history. Whether it is exploring a museum, wandering around town or climbing up to the ancient ruins, you will be surrounded by history and different cultural influences. The famous ancient Inca ruins are said to be of the most beautiful yet mysterious sites the world has to offer. While meeting people from different cultures is exciting, Peruvians make it even more interesting because they still share roots with the Inca ancestors and conserving the Quechua culture. Peru has a number of fine dining restaurants with restaurants popping up from Los Angeles, Seattle, London, Singapore, etc.

Peruvian people are exceptionally talented when it comes to their handicrafts which becomes the main tourist attraction. Peru is unparalleled in its natural diversity and possesses a diverse ecosystem. You can see snow, penguins at the island, desert or explore the amazing jungle. Many tourists cruise to Peru every year and experience natural variety. Even if you are traveling to Peru with kids, worry not because this country is diverse enough to provide an enthralling experience to them too. Not to forget Peru’s beautiful beaches that surfers just never miss! To have a good time in the sun, sand and crystal water, tourists visit the popular beaches to make the most of their holiday experience.

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Visa Requirements

Visa in not needed for EU citizens. Everyone else need a visa.

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Area (km2)

470,000 km2